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Publishes religious and haredi sector?

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We specialize in advertising in the religious sector. Our goal is to provide the top level of exposure quality based on your requests. We hope that with our services you will get the best exposure And focusing on your specific target audience. Discover the amazing world of Glatt Media

Join the revolution of publication approval and start making commercials now and immediately filtered content ownership and controlled!

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Immediate audience targeting religious and / or large Orthodox

"Finally, one can say thanksgiving!"

"As an agency to leading companies, we had not one simply" collect "Traffic is relevant for our clients ultra-Orthodox sector. Another running each site separately negotiating with each wasted precious time and often exhausted us. There is no doubt S"glatads "going to completely change the map advertising ultra-Orthodox sector and we will be the first to enjoy it!"

Ministry of. Tel Aviv
Save time headaches - working with a centralized one

"We finished if you go-will, will-come!"

"I advertise my clients to this day sites from the just rattled me. Whenever I need to change something in the campaign, had to woo them and beg graphic artist would do me good. Today the system of Glatads gives me independence and full control over the content and design of the ad, at the same time and at all sites they are published. worth every penny ".

Aaron Tomer, Modi'in Illit
Payment according to results

"No more wasting more ammo!"

"I used to advertise my products sector ultra-Orthodox. Since there was no sector today rival the scale of News, I had to advertise to the general market in the hope that a certain percentage will be applicable also for me. Since Sglatads established, I welcome the pine the great initiative of his and finally just paying for traffic that I need. no more, no less, it is of course very significant economically.

Joseph Bruner. Haifa
  • Immediate audience targeting religious and / or large Orthodox
  • hscon time and headaches - working with a centralized one
  • tslom according to the results

One hundred thousand pairs of eyes on, waiting for your campaign

If you've already publish religious sector, you know what it's Sisyphean effort. Although you can get even a million viewers on your campaign, but not when it comes to religious and ultra-Orthodox sector. To find these guys, you require detective work and assembling tolerant and exhausting negotiations in front of many small sites separately.
Today, Glatads-edge technology and a sophisticated, responsible for hundreds of sites you anticipate with tens of thousands of daily visitors observant country and abroad, as well as Jews from around the world and allows you to "Target" them directly, in a controlled and targeted.
Just like that. The work H"likot "and H"bilos" We've already done for you. We've added a site and another site, both large and small, some sites would never publish them because the movement which is too small, but when joining any group of small "together, these significant audience received dozens of thousands of visitors. Do not tell them not to, right?

Join the revolution of digital advertising ultra-Orthodox sector

Without a headache and without asking for favors from anyone

To this day, when you wanted to change the graphics or text ad, forced to turn to each site separately. Send emails, request a fix, find a graphic artist "ill is not - hurt her head" ... beg and nag and again and again ... and if that's not enough, each a different system and requirements for different technologies, different size of the ads and the types of banners and so on and further. Nothing to say ... Full Time itself. You stayed only choose ...

From today, the innovative and sophisticated system of "Glatads", allows you to upload in one click, an unlimited number of designs, with control over the design and content is always with you! Banners of different sizes, text, menus, ads, floating ads, stick, pop-ups and even products PR and SEO content for publication indirect style Aoatbriin, are available in the system at no extra cost. So what you have left to do you ask? Just choose (and counting ringing ). You'll have plenty of time for things that really matter!

But that's not all! The system matches the types of ads and banners automatically required various sites and displays them in your choice immediately. In other words, you raise your awareness to 10: 00 am and launch your campaign, simultaneously, to hundreds of sites across the network at 10: 10. Good exaggerated ... 10:12 .

Stop throwing money in the trash!

As with any service, ultimately determines the bottom line - in other words how much it costs you pleasure? Well, today you had three options and three of them did not meet the needs.

The first - to advertise on Facebook. Although an excellent option in terms of segmentation of the target audience, but what to do and your sector is not there?

The second - a Google AdWords campaign, which depends on the keywords and its breakdown is far from accurate or relevant to you, so you had to pay for irrelevant clicks and throwing money in the trash.

And the third - to rely on hypotheses about the ratings, especially in the major portals, hypotheses are not always proved themselves (which can not be said for payment by the way, was actually surprisingly accurate).

Exposure and exposure is "Bingo"!

Glatads however, ''re amazing "real segmentation and targeting your audience, so you get the ideal solution for you: on the one hand the publication Mtorgt and segmented exactly to your audience, and on the other hand, charge according to the amount of exposure accurately, no more, no less" about "when all the exposure and the exposure is" bingo "! What also have the option to suspend or terminate the campaign at any second. At the end of the calculation reveal that the Glatads your money worth more. It brings you more views, more customers and a much lower cost.

Us your child is worth more. much more!

Us your child is worth more than a point. And why? That we consortia under us hundreds of publishers, making us a significant niche factor, has bargaining power in front of advertisers, when the bottom line is, you're the big winner. But that's not all! You have also the possibility to be compensated for exposure or clicks, and who decides that it's just you.


More then 100,000 Vistors Are Exposed Every Day To Our Advertisement


85% Of Our Advertisers Report An Increase In Leads Count Right In Their First Campaign


Publications offices in israel already see the market potential of GlatAds and joining every day to the system


90% Of the people who joined the revolution report a great saving in the time of make the campaign


We value our partners and believe that our program of partnership is very effective business tool that opens many advantages for its participants.

Getting Started

Advertising agency? Give great service , and a way to get a fat commission !

We have no doubt that it is only a matter of time until S"glatads " dominate the advertising market exclusive ultra-Orthodox sector . But , until that happens , we invite you to join the revolution , give your customers quality traffic , targeted , Mtorgtt and inexpensive , and have received a bonus commission of $ 20 % Relaxing deal . The so-called Winwin - customers enjoy affordable and targeted advertising , we enjoy a high-quality customers and you enjoy twice - both from a satisfied customer and a generous commission.

How it works?

Really it 's just terrible . You register for free , raises awareness of your site , choose the promotional products various existing free system : banner sizes, text, menus , ads, floating ads, stick , pop-ups , and more , awaits a system will perform its own adjustments for the type of ads they choose, than the campaign and ... Congratulations , your campaign is in the air !

It says the bottom line is there are three simple steps you need to do now , to earn maximum money from your campaign starting today : The first - simply sign up for automatic and confirm your registration by return mail , the second - to build using our tools , easily and quickly to your ad campaign , and the third - to launch them by pressing a button at the same time dozens of sites targeted , and one hundred thousand pairs of eyes irrelevant !

Let's be in touch. It's easy!

Whether you're a famous old site that exploits the advertising platform and whether this is the first time you try this revenue channel, we will be happy to help you with any questions. At first we encourage you Sign up right now Service site (it's free!) Watch our training, Get Support To implement the unique code from us and start making money from advertising on the site, easily and without any fear of contents hacked or inappropriate. Have a question? We have an answer! If you have any additional questions that you want to get them an answer, this is just the place to raise them in writing and send to us. We will be happy to help you start earning from ads on your site. It's good for you and it's good for us. The so-called Winwin.

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